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Yung Oh Le Page is a multi-talented artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He is known for his work as a sculptor, set designer, and minigolf creator. Yung is actively involved in various artistic pursuits such as social practice art, interactive installations, and arts education.


In addition to his artistic endeavors, Yung works as a Museum Educator and Teaching Artist at several prominent institutions in NYC, including the Queens Museum, Japan Society, and Intrepid Museum. He has previously worked at the Children's Museum of Art, Museum of Chinese in America, and the National Museum of the American Indian.


Yung's passion for education extends beyond museums, as he has also taught visual art at Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) and the BEAM Center. Furthermore, he has volunteered his time teaching at Quad Prep and Brooklyn NEST Center (ACS).


Apart from his professional commitments, Yung is a dedicated family man. He is a father to two daughters and devotes much of his time to caring for his wife. His diverse interests and roles reflect his commitment to both artistic expression and community engagement.

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